Monitoring & Control : Realtime Report for fast actions

What project report do you have?

  • Monthly report
  • Annual report
  • Audit Report

We need that as our monitoring and evaluation.

How to control the project while the site thousands kilometers away from us, in many seperate area that cellphone have no signal? yes, thats plantations company project challenge.

If we using monthly or weekly report project thats was not enugh to control project activity in the site. We need daily activities in real time.

The solutions is technology. Now we can use whatsapp group, bbm group or line group to monitor our project. as simple as we chat to our family member. No signal? you can use wifi in estates to send messages, picture even call or video call using it as free. Why we protect our wifi for such useful things.

I have group to monitor my civil asistant activity daily, track project and do control actions. Do you?



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