Palm Oil Mill : Process Building

Mill process building ussualy constructed from steel structure, cover with roof and cladding. Floor using concrete finish and heavy duty ceramics for some part like clarifications stations and power house. In some mill whole area finish by ceramics.

Dimension for process building depend on the mill capacity and machinery arrangement.


Soil test will shown you the soil bearing capacity. With the calculation we can decide are we need use piling foundation or just square shalow foundations. You must considering output force and momen reactions for each footings from structure analysis program (SAP2000).

Steel Structure

Design for column and rafter structure can be calculated using structure analysis program to define what profile we must used. Also for the connection, bolt and nut, stiffner, base plate etc.


  1. Prepare the site
  2. Foundations works
  3. Sloof construction
  4. Column erections
  5. Rafter erections
  6. Tiebeam connections
  7. Caldding frame
  8. Roof
  9. Cladding
  10. Machinery foundations
  11. Flooring

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