Man Power Planning Civil Asistant

When you plan to put a civil asistant in the site, there is a guide to know you have enough civil asistant or not.

1.Covered area

Area covered by civil asistant idealy is every 5 000 ha, there is a civil asistant. You can put civil asistant to cover more than one estates.

2. New Project value covered

How much building and infrastructur project will you build there? If you will build 200 houses  and 200 bridges for 10 years. If your house value  Rp. 300 mio each and bridge Rp 200 mio each. Total in 10 years you will spent RP. 100 bio. That means every year you spent about 10 mio. If you only put one civil asistant, he will overwhelmed. Ideally one asistant handle Rp 5 bio every year.

You can add more asistant to supervising, or spread the project timeline, or add more foreman.

3. Maximum distance

Civil asistant facilitated with motorcycle as operational vehicle. If distance from one project site to other site more than 3 hours, what can you expect for works quality will as good as project with full supervision?

4. Maintenance works

How many maintenance work need civil asistant there? road maintenance, building maintenance? if there is no new project, we still need small number of asistant to do maintenance works. It is why in some plantation company, the call civil assistant as resident engineer.


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