Housing : Time to Change

We can not deny that palm plantations company always use tipycal housing in their site. In my opinion it like a standar housing for plantations. Its happen because our agribussiness growing from small number of company to so many number. Engineer always use their design in previous company.

Is it good enough to use “standard housing”?


Reason :

  1.  Old design for housing was too big. As sample, for G2 housing, floor area is about 90 m2 for 2 family. I am always think that 36 m2 for employee family (harvester) is enough. It will cut much cost.
  2. Need long durations to constructed. Construction of conventional building need more time to completed the works. As options we can consider prefab housing, template wood housing or container housing to speed up the project completions.
  3. Not green enough. Reuse-Reduce-Recycle. Can we optimize this for plantations housing? offcourse. Please you think about this: can we catch the rainwater for washing, can we use boiler ash as material to build house, can we replace wood with steel/alumunium/PVC, can we put enough window to reduce electricity, can we use heat resistance material like alumunium foil to reduce heat transfer to house so we do not need air conditioning. I bet you this not to complicated or expensive if you have good calculations (life cycles cost).
  4. Old design not eye catching.

So, I am prefer to redesign all old housing design if you still using it.