Palm Oil Mill : Process Building

Mill process building ussualy constructed from steel structure, cover with roof and cladding. Floor using concrete finish and heavy duty ceramics for some part like clarifications stations and power house. In some mill whole area finish by ceramics.

Dimension for process building depend on the mill capacity and machinery arrangement.


Soil test will shown you the soil bearing capacity. With the calculation we can decide are we need use piling foundation or just square shalow foundations. You must considering output force and momen reactions for each footings from structure analysis program (SAP2000).

Steel Structure

Design for column and rafter structure can be calculated using structure analysis program to define what profile we must used. Also for the connection, bolt and nut, stiffner, base plate etc.


  1. Prepare the site
  2. Foundations works
  3. Sloof construction
  4. Column erections
  5. Rafter erections
  6. Tiebeam connections
  7. Caldding frame
  8. Roof
  9. Cladding
  10. Machinery foundations
  11. Flooring

Facility Maintenance and Repairing

Maintenance and Repairing Work

Civil engineer (asistant) in estates have scope of works to maintane and repair facilities like housing, roads, bridges, mill or bulking facility. Whatt is maintenance : works do to keep facility in optimum conditions before its broken.

Whatt is repairing : activity to repair facility after broken and back to initial conditions.

Requirement of Maintenance

Maintenance should do periodically. Budget of maintenance works provided every years based on schedule of maintenance. How to arrange schedule of maintenance?

First we must know design criteria for our facilities. Example : septictank volume 1 m3 will full in 4 years and need to be taken out, wall coating need to repainting after 2 years. So we can also estimate the cost for maintenance.

How about repairing?

Repairing cost seems can not to be estimated. But we actualy can estimate the cost.

Here the example : From our experience data, this year 5% of door lock all housing was broken because of usage. So, next year we can budgeting 5 % cost of door lock. The same way for maintenance access road. If 15% area was sinking in rain season and need to fill by stone again we must budgeting for next year. Even we try to put all the risk for repairing, we can not address all. The important think is, every time you have broken facilities you must make report form and asking the money for repairing.

Who is Responsible?

Facility User is responsible for any deffect in their facilities. User must report the list of broken facilities and what need to repair send to civil asistant to verivy. After verivied, additional budget cost can be approved by General affair.